COVID-19 Community Awareness Campaign Announced by the Town of Mansfield Board of Health

Providing Data, Recommendations, and Information to Inspire a Healthy Community.

Campaign Launched to help build greater community awareness of the latest COVID-19 facts and best safety practices.

(MANSFIELD, MA) – Today, the Town of Mansfield Board of Health announced a new community-wide COVID-19 awareness campaign to educate and update its citizens of ongoing COVID-19 activity and other health-related information and safety precautions. The Board of Health is also launching a community-wide campaign, providing tips, resources, and suggestions on COVID-19 mitigation and prevention strategies due to the continuing pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Town’s Health Agent has compiled frequent, timely updates that include local data, state and local guidelines, latest recommendations, and best practices. To ensure Mansfield residents have information and resources at their fingertips, a new Podcast entitled Health Beat focusing on relevant public health topics including COVID-19 in Mansfield, as well as a social media awareness campaign, have been launched.

“During the ongoing pandemic, it is essential to ensure credible, factual information and consistent reminders that we all need to be diligent in protecting ourselves and the entire community from the spread of COVID-19. This additional boost of data, knowledge, and reminders will help residents stay on top of local health news and best practices in stopping disease transmission.” Said Mansfield Health Agent, Amy Donovan-Palmer.

“I want to thank Amy and the Board of Health for their commitment to the Board of Health’s mission. This campaign will help keep the continuation of the pandemic and its latest news and information at the forefront of every resident. Knowledge is power and with this information, our citizens will be an even more informed community – helping them to stay healthier and have access to helpful resources.” Said Kevin Dumas, Mansfield Town Manager.

“Our mission is very clear” said Antonia Blinn, Chair of the Mansfield Board of Health, “I am grateful to the Board of Health and the Town of Mansfield for their ongoing commitment to ensure the health and safety of every resident. While many are feeling COVID fatigue, now is the time to increase important public health messaging.  Everyone should be practicing good hand washing, wearing a mask when indoors, and getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

“The health and well-being our residents have and always will be our main priority,” said Donovan- Palmer.

“I appreciate the collaboration between all town departments and the Mansfield Public Schools regarding the changing demands on resources needed to respond to this evolving public health crisis.” said Dumas. “The COVID-19 pandemic remains an unprecedented time for our Town, and we are not completely out of the woods,” “I am so proud of the support we have received for this campaign launch, and even prouder of our residents.” Said Donovan-Palmer. “Our vaccination rate for eligible populations is very high, and people are truly committed to doing the right thing for themselves and their families. Our campaign will help foster even more support for a vibrant, healthy, informed, and knowledgeable community.”

The Mansfield Board of Health’s mission is to protect, preserve and improve the public health, environment, and well-being of its citizens through an enforcement of federal, state, and local statutes and regulations, education and promotion of sanitary living and working conditions, and to protect the environment from disease and pollution.