Solving Workplace Woes One Transit System at a Time

In a perfect world, getting to and from work would be easy. No delays, no headaches, no frustration. In reality, however, the exact opposite is all too common across the country. In Chicago, a recent study revealed that road traffic usurped approximately 104 hours (the equivalent to over 4 days) from drivers per year; similarly, New Yorkers lost about 102 hours to traffic congestion annually. In turn, employers feel the burn of traffic congestion, which can affect workable hours, productivity, and bottom line profitability.

The Town of Mansfield, which is connected by I-495, I-95, Route 140, and Route 123, has been recognized among the Commonwealth’s most desired communities to live in, as well as one of the best places for young professionals in Massachusetts. Why? Easy access to public transit offers benefits for both local employers and employees, making Mansfield the perfect commuter community.

  • Located just 35 miles from Boston and only 25 miles from Providence, RI, Mansfield is conveniently connected to both capital cities via public transit, which can significantly ease commuting challenges. The Mansfield MBTA Commuter Rail station sits on the popular Providence-Stoughton line, with several daily stops scheduled throughout the busiest hours of the weekday AM and PM commutes. This bustling commuter rail line delivers thousands of transit passengers to and from Boston’s South Station, Providence and T.F. Green Airport stations in Rhode Island, and eleven local station stops in between, including Mansfield.
  • Not only is the Town of Mansfield centrally located, but it can be easily reached by a highly educated workforce within an hour commute. With 24 colleges and universities in Boston, plus 12 accredited colleges in Rhode Island (including two research universities), Mansfield is within reach of over 137,500 higher education graduates on the hunt for post-collegiate careers. With the MBTA’s Trip Planner tools, it’s never been easier for over 80,000 daily weekday riders to travel the MBTA Commuter Rail system, creating easy access to extensive employment opportunities for those who commute to or from Mansfield.
  • The Mansfield MBTA Commuter Rail Station is easy to navigate. The MBTA’s recent Mansfield Station Accessibility Improvements project invested over $11 million to enhance accessibility, convenience, safety, and amenities for the many who commute through the station. With new accessible paths and platforms, canopies, railings, tactile safety warnings, signage, lighting, and over 800 parking spaces, the Mansfield MBTA Commuter Rail Station makes it easy for commuters to travel inbound or outbound daily, avoiding traffic congestion on the roads.
  • The Town of Mansfield has fully demonstrated its commitment to welcoming public transit commuters, with a 2020 Master Plan call for zoning updates in the vicinity of its MBTA Commuter Rail station. The Planning Board’s recently passed Mansfield Station Revitalization Overlay District (MSROD) amendments follow through on this commitment, allowing mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented development (TOD) immediately adjacent to this key transit hub. This new zoning creates opportunities to expand Downtown Mansfield’s economic base, build additional housing, access greenspace for recreational uses, and produce new publicly accessible community and cultural spaces.
  • For those traveling in and out Boston Logan International Airport, daily bus service is also available from the MBTA Commuter Rail station in Mansfield. With ten daily round trips offered, plus daily and monthly parking within walking distance, commuters are able to conveniently connect with one of the nation’s busiest airports direct from Mansfield.

The Town of Mansfield is a perfect commuter community, offering easy access to public transit through its own dedicated and accessible MBTA Commuter Rail station. With a convenient location in proximity to both Boston and Providence, nearby access to an extraordinary local workforce and post-graduate pool from which to draw talent, and an ongoing commitment to economic development, housing, and local culture within the Mansfield Station area itself, the Town of Mansfield offers local employers and employees a unique solution to many workplace woes.

Whether you’re starting up or relocating, the Town of Mansfield would be delighted to welcome you. If you’re interested in doing business in Mansfield, please contact the Town’s Economic Development Director, Christopher McDermott, at (508) 851-6410 or to learn more about the opportunities available. Tomorrow’s future success starts in Mansfield, today.