Site Plan Approvals, Building Permits, and More: Why Permitting is Simpler in Mansfield

Red tape. A phrase in the business community to describe bureaucratic processes that grind commerce to a halt. When a business is starting up or considering relocation, the required procedures and regulations can overwhelm potential profit and smother economic growth.

When launching a startup, entrepreneurs must determine a legal structure, which will dictate registration requirements, catalogue the business, procure state and federal tax identification numbers, and complete the legal permits and licenses needed to operate. Breaking ground on a new site or changing the use of an existing one often necessitate building permits, site plan review, and additional permissions from the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. Though this process seems extensive, it is easier when municipalities offer guidance and structure, supporting the potential business partner.

One of the ways the Town of Mansfield supports startups and companies interested in relocating is by offering a comprehensive guide, organized by subject matter, including a flow chart of each process. Lines of communication are kept open at all times, decreasing friction between business and government through effective collaboration, as we work toward a common goal of strengthening the local economy.

The Town of Mansfield is open for business, welcoming economic development with several additional benefits of calling this community home. These include:

  • Transparent cooperation between business leaders and town staff
  • Step-by-step directions for documentation needed throughout the process, when, and why
  • In select cases, property tax relief via the Commonwealth’s Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP)
  • A direct point of contact dedicated to assisting the Town’s businesses
  • Gold BioReady® rating from MassBio indicating that the municipality has adopted local policies to pave a pathway for new construction or renovation of laboratory and biotech manufacturing facilities

If you’re interested in relocating or starting your business in the Town of Mansfield, we want to meet you. Contact the Town’s Economic Development Director, Christopher McDermott, at (508) 851-6410 or to learn more about the opportunities available.