Selecting the Right Community for Your Business

Selecting the Right Community for Your Business

Selecting the correct location can make or break a company. Only about 50 percent of businesses make it to the end of their fifth year, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which has experts citing one of the causes of company failure is selecting the wrong location. When choosing a place for your startup or scouting out a new home for your established corporation, consider the resources available. How robust is the potential labor pool? Do these potential employees have the means to commute? What is the capacity for expansion? Does the socioeconomic climate support the growth and development of area commerce?

The Town of Mansfield has invested millions into the local economy, examining what businesses need immediately today and what they might grow to need tomorrow.

Ease of Transportation

The question of how employees and stakeholders will reach your location is an important one. Is there a public transportation system, or will workers need a car to get them to and from their place of business? Mansfield recognizes the vital nature of transportation and has allocated many resources to the town’s accessibility. Routes I-495, I-95, 140, and 123 are easily reachable for those traveling by vehicle, but Mansfield is also equipped with a municipal airport, commuter rail MBTA station, and a public bus system. Mansfield is situated 40 minutes from Boston Logan International Airport and 35 Minutes to T.F. Green International Airport for stress-free air travel.

Capacity for Growth

For a business to expand, it must be located within a town that has the capacity to provide ample resources like water and sewer supply. Residents and businesses of Mansfield benefit from a municipally owned and operated Electric Company, offering the second lowest rates throughout the Commonwealth. Combined with a fast and reliable fiber-optic network and an ample water and sewer capacity, Mansfield’s strong infrastructure helps to fuel growth for our local business partners.

Town Partnership

The Town of Mansfield employs a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist our business partners throughout every aspect of their journeys. Complete with an AA+ Bond Rating, IACP Award, and MCP Accreditation, Mansfield is open for business and prepared to work alongside company leaders who seek to expand, grow, and move to Mansfield, and ready to help them navigate the permitting process and achieve ultimate success.


Elevated crime rates stunt economic growth. Fortunately, the Mansfield Police Department ensures the safety of the community and was recently awarded the IACP Leadership in Community Policing Award. The Mansfield Municipal Complex, a new public safety facility which houses the Fire, Police, and DPW departments, offers cutting-edge enhancements, allowing Mansfield’s professionals more resources than ever to keep our residents and businesses safe.

The safety of a business’ employees and stakeholders is priceless. Mansfield is proud to be ranked one of the Safest Cities in Massachusetts in 2020 by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, and among the safest cities and towns in the country, according to LendEDU, making our town a reliable and enjoyable place to do business.

When you’re ready to make the right choice to startup or relocate your business in Mansfield, we’ll be ready to welcome you. Connect with the Mansfield Town Hall, and explore your future success in Mansfield, the best community for your business.