The Planning Director’s primary task is to provide professional staff support to the Planning Board. In addition, the Planning Director assists the public and other boards and Town departments, and provides direct staff support to other committees, such as the Mansfield Housing Corporation and Capital Improvements Committee. The Planning Director also serves as the Town’s Fair Housing Director, Civil Rights Coordinator and Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator.

The Planning Director prepares and assists Town departments with grant applications.

The Planning Director also prepares amendments and revisions to the Town’s Subdivision Regulations and Zoning By-Law, and directs updates to the Town’s long-term planning documents, including the Strategic Plan and Master Plan.

Departmental staff services include review of subdivision plans, special permit applications, site plans and most other development proposals.

Among the services the Planning Director provides to the community is the explanation of subdivision plans to potential homebuyers. The Planning Director also assists homebuyers after they become residents with any problems regarding the roadway, drainage system or other items coming under the department’s authority.