Katelyn Gonyer, Conservation & Environmental Planner

My name is Katelyn Gonyer and I am the Environmental & Conservation Planner for the Town of Mansfield. I am a wetland biologist. My main role is to act as the technical liaison to the Conservation Commission, a seven-member board that reviews all development activities within 100 feet of state-wide protected wetland resource areas. Wetlands are physical features in the environment that are inundated with water seasonally. Wetlands can include streams, swamps, rivers and ponds. The Mansfield Conservation Commission works very hard to make sure these protected resource areas are not adversely impacted by construction or development. The Conservation Planner, or “Agent,” works closely with developers for residential and commercial projects to help them understand the policies and procedures of this regulated process. Our goal Is to work closely with the developer during the design phase of a project to incorporate best management practices for work in sensitive jurisdictional wetland areas while allowing property owners to create a scope of work that matches their needs. Working closely and educating developers creates a relationship that will in turn keep these wetland areas protected while allowing responsible development and maintenance of properties.